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Forest Land - A forestry and real estate company in time.

Our goal is to gently harvest all that nature provide us with. In an environment friendly way as possible. We also want the property management to give local entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow with us. As part of the active environmental work we have decided to only purchase 100% renewable electricity and we constantly are working to adjust our operations as far as possible to protect our environment. We have about 5000 hectares of our own land and water, and several commercial properties. You can also rent properties of varying uses and size as example our sports and swimming pool center.

We conduct our operations in and around Svanstein who also is a full service destination three moments north of the Arctic Circle. Surrounded by clean air, fresh water and a deafening silence you can find yourself in a world of big adventures and small adventures.

Here's the time you miss, meetings and experiences you will remember.

Best regards: Linus with staff.


Forest Land - Svanstein
Linus Rova

Phone:    +46(0)70 8200232

Svanstein 318
SE-957 94 Övertorneå


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